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Our factory area covers 20000 square meters, with our own R&D and design team, 20 assembly lines, and an annual output of 3 million units.

We have obtained the CCC,CE,TUV,ROHSAnd "1S09001" international quality system certifications.

The main products include range hood motor, air cooler motor, oil heater motor, air conditioner motor, air cleaner motor, dehumidifier motor, air curtain motor, FFU system and various centrifugal fan.There are over 30 series and over 400 models totally.

Our products are widely used in range hoods, integrated stoves, air coolers, air conditioners, oil heaters, dehumidifiers, air purifiers,thermostats, drying ovens, elevator fans,dry-type transformer fans,axial flow fans, fresh air system fans, centrifugal fan, ventilation fans, animal husbandry fans, milk mixers, medical machinery,etc.

Shengzhou Huahao Electric Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 and is located in Shengzhou, Zhejiang, the well-known hometown of Yue Opera and electric motors. It is adjacent to the two major export ports in China - Shanghai Port and Ningbo Port. It is a comprehensive motor manufacturing and research and development enterprise with modern production scale. Its main products include: range hood motors, air cooler motors, heater motors, air conditioning motors, air purifier motors, dehumidifier motors, and air curtain motor FFU system and various centrifugal fan are widely used in kitchen electricity, refrigeration, HVAC, household, ventilation system, laboratory and many other fields

Manager Guo:13095662288
Address:No.1488 Xianhu Road,Sanjiang Industrial Park,Shengzhou City, Zhejiang Province,PRC

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